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Dear reader,

The testimonials section of this website was difficult to post online due to Canadian medical regulations regarding patient confidentiality.  For this reason, our letters have been posted anonymously.

"My brother and I would like to thank you for all the support and guidance which you have given to father. He was successful on his day's excursion to the Duncan area wineries on July 25th. Thanks to the Stairs Lesson which you gave him just before he left, he was  able to lead  with the  correct foot  "up" and "down"  and managed without problem several sets of  stairs.  He followed your advice  to use every 'opportunity' and it  worked.  When we  arrived back in  Oak Bay, he  immediately  lined himself up for a  day trip to Chemainus for  lunch and a play.

Even Dad has admitted openly to me that "Carey has been helpful. I am glad to be working with her."  He  appreciates now that he is stronger and more confident and  is pleased with his progress (like us !).  Instead of  retreating  because of a fear of  falling, Dad is  constantly increasing his realm of movement.  He walks  up and down hill to  church every Sunday and recently spent an afternoon getting on and off Victoria Harbor Ferries with great glee. "

Son & Daughter

"Carey has proven to be an invaluable help to me and to my father.  I don’t know if my father would have recovered to his present level, without assistance from Carey.  I cannot say enough about her professional, caring, and knowledgeable manner.  I felt as if she was an extension of me, living in Victoria.  Having Carey with my father, in Victoria, relieved a lot of the worry and pressure I was feeling.  The ability to use Carey’s knowledge of the businesses and care facilities in Victoria, enabled me to make less trips to Victoria than I would have, otherwise, needed to do.  I spent much less time on the telephone doing research, myself.  I feel very confident in Carey’s abilities and would trust her again, at any time, if I need her assistance in the future."


"My thanks to all and especially to Carey for her home visits and for her well organized exercise classes where she was also able to provide expert individual attention.   My knee is back to normal but I will continue to do the balance exercises plus the  personal prescribed  exercises regularly at home - while looking forward to her return to Oak Bay."


"I called you in early May to arrange for you do an in-home assessment for my mother. I was delighted to hear that she found the whole experience to be very positive and very helpful. I was also quite relieved that something I had recommended went so well. She has been singing your praises ever since, and I thought you should know that!"


"My father told me I could write to you!  He greatly values the time that you spend with him and looks forward to your visits. Thanks for helping him - he said he was sore after your last visit  - you made him work hard!!  A big thank you for all the time you spent with my mother.  I was very impressed with her improvement thanks to you. She was very fond of you and spoke highly of her sessions with you."


"I must say we have been most pleased with mom's progress and are overjoyed that you were referred to us.  You have done a wonderful job and I will have no trouble referring you to others that are in need of your services. Thanks once again!"


"I can't thank you enough for your work with Dad. You have had real success! He no longer has the pain in his right knee, is walking much more confidently and most important, now admits that his exercise program with you has made the difference. He now understands that he can have a positive influence on his mobility and that he is responsible to maintain it. Believe me, I am so happy that you and Dad together have managed to progress him from someone who figured that he was going to be "the next man at the dinner table going to a nursing home" to someone who keeps forgetting their cane because they don't need it much now. Please don't stop the good work. Seeing you each week helps to keep him on track."