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Urban Poling Series 300 - $99.99

The Urban Poling Series 300 is our #1 Selling Nordic Walking Fitness Pole!

Our exclusively designed poles have the following unique features:

  • The ERGO/CORE strapless handle and technique are designed to target major core muscles.
  • The ergonomic handles absorb shock and vibration when poling on city surfaces, drastically reducing lower joint impact.  Our unique handles create a transfer of energy directly to your arms, preventing joint injuries and adding an upper body workout to your walk

  • Our one size fits all telescoping poles feature a premium locking system for improved walking safety.

  • Ideal for individuals between 4’2” and 6′4″ in height.

  • Users can also adjust the poles depending on the terrain they are walking. 

  • The Traction Tips are designed to help reduce stress on hip and knee joints while propelling the walker forward at a greater speed than walking. This provides an increased workout and better posture.

Activator Poles - $99.99

The Activator poles are designed for rehabilitation and older adults who need more stability, balance and confidence while walking. The locking system and bell shaped tips are designed for greater weight bearing and stability.

Benefits of the Activator Poles
  • improve posture, balance and stability
  • reduce impact on lower extremity joints while mobilizing
  • increase confidence while walking
  • equalize weight bearing on both legs
  • encourage a functional gait pattern
  • improve coordination and increased gait speed
  • increase core strength
  • increase caloric expenditure
  • helps prevent falls
  • provide bilateral support

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