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Mobile Physiotherapy


For residents of the Victoria area:

Physiotherapy - Initial Visit                               $100.00
Physiotherapy Treatment - 60 minutes                70.00
Physiotherapy Treatment - 30 minutes                50.00
Client Visit Fee on MSP Premium Assistance     27.00
  • Families with a combined income of $28,000 per year or less qualify for MSP - Premium Assistance.
  • Some clients will be able to submit receipts to Extended Health Providers. For further information, contact the office at 250-412-8282
  • Veterans Affairs - Veterans are covered for 20 physiotherapy sessions per year with an MD's referral. We are happy to treat veterans and will bill the department of Veterans Affairs directly.
  • For residents of outside of the Victoria area, please call us for rates (Sidney, Colwood, Langford, Saanich)